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Home storage is a very responsible task to keeps goods in their original condition for short term and long terms its a industrial or household, office goods all are precious to every one. here some of ideas are i share to every one , i have visited numbers of warehouse storage department to know what we require for storage and i got different - different ideas to who to protect good in storage.

Before storage plan what we store

Here some of best ideas are:

first of all dry very item and clean
steal items are washed and clean with dry cloth
freeze must be closed before 2 day for storage, remove all items from the freeze , wash with liquid shop applies on cloth and clean every part, remove back water storage bucket and clean , if possible air-dry from inside and outer open part with blowers.

tv, lcd clean with air dry blowers and remove dust , shut down before 1 day

cloth are very different properties they require extra care
wash with hot water before 4 day
before storage cloth must totally dry other wise cloths catch fungus,
keep cloth in open space where humidity is low,  after wash and iron them without applying water

pack in paper bags separately and stores in a cartoon box.



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